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Bernina 790E Plus Sewing & Embroidery Machine


Innovation marries creativity and you sew happily ever after. The BERNINA 790 PLUS combines innovative functions and features with plenty of space, high speeds and an extra-large embroidery module. Use the colour touchscreen to effortlessly access all the functions. Discover something new and create your own stitches with the Stitch Designer. Drag and drop to edit embroidery motifs directly on the touchscreen. The fast and quiet BERNINA Hook sews high-precision stitches up to 9 mm in width and with the integrated BERNINA Dual Feed even hard-to-manage and fine fabrics can be sewn easily for superb results.

The BERNINA 790 PLUS provides an exclusive level of stitch control. Altering the stitch length, stitch width, needle position (or any combination) the 790E will remember the stitch details for you.
Optimum visibility and superb fabric feed. The innovative BERNINA Dual Feed tames hard-to-manage fabrics. Easy to engage when needed, the BERNINA Dual Feed tucks completely out of the way when it's not.

Why not try the Bernina 790 Plus simulator? You can comfortably try the many features of the BERNINA 790 PLUS on your own Windows PC screen, the Simulator is 96MB in size

Click here to download Bernina 790 Plus Simulator...

Click here for a video introducing the Bernina 790 Plus...


The heart of the BERNINA 7 Series features a novel, centrally placed driver, which allows the BERNINA Hook to run fast yet quietly. The BERNINA Hook sews high-precision stitches up to 9 mm in width with speeds up to 1,000 stitches per minute. The bobbin holds up to 70% more thread than standard bobbins allowing you to sew longer without interruption.

BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension

The BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension, a BERNINA innovation, provides ideal thread tension for each and every stitch type, in any variation. The tension is electronically adjusted to the selected stitch width, length, speed, and needle position on each penetration of the needle into the fabric. The result is the finest stitching without pressing a button.

Sew with Even Greater Ease

The BERNINA 790 PLUS accomplishes many tasks all by itself. The presser foot lowers automatically at the beginning of a seam. Threading is semi-automatic, and the thread is cut automatically when you reach the end of a seam, or when you wish to change colours while embroidering.

Create Your Own Stitches

The BERNINA 790 PLUS features a very special innovative function: the Stitch Designer. Create your own stitches by drawing your ideas right on the touch screen. With a click, the BERNINA 790 PLUS transforms your design into a stitch pattern. Or alter existing stitches as it takes your fancy. Save your very own stitch creations to steadily expand your stitch library.

Bernina Dual Feed & Stitch Regulator

The innovative BERNINA Dual Feed tames hard-to-manage fabrics providing superb fabric feed and optimum visibility while sewing. Easy to engage when needed, the BERNINA Dual Feed tucks completely out of the way when it's not. The BSR foot assists you with free-motion sewing and quilting with a straight or zigzag stitch, ensuring stitches of the exact same length even at variable sewing speeds. It comes standard with the machine.

Extended Freearm for Grand Ideas

The BERNINA 7 Series includes a meticulously engineered extended freearm with 10" 25.5cm of space to the right of the needle. The BERNINA 790 PLUSE provides you with ample space for big, beautiful sewing and embroidery projects, the extra-large embroidery module lets you stitch out maxi-sized motifs, and as your ambitions grow, the Bernina 790 Plus can be updated with a wealth of accessories.

Beautiful Embroidery Is Simplicity Itself
The BERNINA 790 PLUS is an embroidery expert. Switch to embroidery mode directly via the touch screen. Embroidery mode lets you easily position, mirror, rotate and resize motifs. Design editing on the Bernina 790 Plus offers a wealth of additional options, letting you create curved lettering effects, alter stitch density, and combine decorative stitches or alphabets with embroidery designs. Complex combinations can even be re-sequenced according to colour, and alternative colour options can be reviewed before stitching out. The Check function lets you position the design precisely before embroidering. The finished design can be saved directly on the machine or on a USB stick.
With 118 Alphabets and over 300 embroidery designs you will always have the perfect project at your fingertips.

Pinpoint Placement

Place your design on the fabric exactly where you want it
No need to use the template anymore
Easy to use: Simply select two points and match them with the markings on the hooped fabric
Perfect results; quickly and precisely

Enhanced Editing

Undo & Redo: Simply undo or redo steps while editing or combining designs to return to your initial position.
Group & Ungroup: Combine designs to edit all at one time with group. Break apart designs to edit individually with ungroup.
Rearrange: Customize the design layer stitch-out sequence. Use rearrange in combination with the group function.

Total Embroidery Stitch Control

Thread Away Mode: Pulls the threads down to the underside for clean embroidery results on the top. Program jump stitch length to manage thread cuts. Subject to design properties. No more manual trimming on the top side needed.
Invisible & Smart Secure: Securing stitches become invisible as the tie-on/off stitches are sewn in stitch direction. Smart secure adds tie-on/off stitches to a design, if none are preset.

When you purchase your Bernina machine from Quilt Direct we want you to enjoy your new machine and fulfil your creativity. We offer personal tuition here in Devon and can even help arrange accommodation for you too. Located on Dartmoor there are facilities for walking, cycling, fishing & golf nearby so partners and family are welcomed too as are well behaved canines! We offer up to 3 days free tuition with the 790E.*
Bernina in London also offers free tuition days at their London Tuition Centre, these are small classes and your own model of machine is provided for use on the day.

Please note that to qualify for free tuition you must take your course within a year of purchasing your machine.

Stitch Package: 1352

32 Practical, 13 Buttonholes, 2 Eyelet, Sew on Button Program, 3 Darning Programs
460 Decorative, 33 Quilting, 91 Sideways Motion Decorative
1 Monogram, 7 Alphabets

Presser Feet: 10

Reverse Pattern Foot 1C (9mm)
Reverse Pattern Foot 1D (9mm Dual Feed)
Overlock Foot 2A
Automatic Buttonhole Foot 3A
Zipper Foot 4D (Dual Feed)
Blind Hem Foot 5V
Jeans Foot 8D (Dual Feed)
Open Toe Embroidery Foot 20C (9mm)
Sideways Motion Foot 40C
BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)


Instruction Manual
Instructional Presentation DVD
Slide-on Table & Seam Guide
Free Hand System (Knee Lift)
Soft Cover
Accessory Wardrobe
4 Bobbins
1 Pack Asstd Needles
Height Compensation Tool
Seam Guide Right
Seam Ripper
Small Screwdriver
Angular Torx Tool
Torx Screw Driver
3 Spool Retainers
2 Foam Pads
Lint brush
Touch Screen Pen
Straight Stitch/ Cutwork Needle Plate

Bernina Machines sold in the UK currently have a full 7 year warranty on the whole machine.

To qualify for the extended warranty you need to register the purchase of your machine by returning the completed warranty card to us to sign. We will then arrange for a certificate of extended warranty to be sent to you from Bogod Co.
In order to comply with the extended warranty you will need to maintain the machine and have it serviced within recommended periods. All Bernina sewing machines have electronic stitch counters*, which give an on screen message when it is necessary to have a service. However, even if a machine is only used occasionally and the stitch count for a service is not reached, it is still necessary to have the sewing machine serviced a minimum of every 3 years.

The extended warranty applies for normal domestic use only - not educational or commercial use - and to the first purchaser only.

*Except the 1008S

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