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Bernina Foot 1V Reverse Pattern Golden Edition

Bernina Foot 1V Reverse Pattern Golden Edition

In 2018, Bernina are celebrating their 125th Anniversary and to commemorate they will be launching this beautiful golden foot.

Coated with 24K gold, the special edition Reverse Pattern Foot 1 is an optional accessory packaged in a beautiful commemorative tin complete with a golden spool of Mettler Thread. Whether it be for collecting or sewing, this foot leaves a brilliant impression.

Now is the time to take advantage of this golden opportunity because it doesn’t come around every year. So hurry and get your foot while supplies last!


The 125th Anniversary Foot 1: The golden reverse pattern foot 1 is ideally suited to sewing forward and reverse-feed stitches with its cut-outs in front and back of the needle opening.

Metallic Golden Mettler Thread: Add beautiful golden stitches to your favorite projects.

Commemorative Tin: Store your golden foot within the golden keepsake.

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