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Bernina New 5 Series Sewing & Embroidery Machines

Do you tell stories with a quilt, or express yourself through hand-crafted clothes or make everything more beautiful with embroidery? We know you. We get you. And we re-engineered our 5 Series line of machines expressly for you. Our newly re-designed series is perfectly sized, feature packed and ready to sew, quilt and embroider quieter, faster, better and with fewer stops and starts thanks to the BERNINA Hook. Interest piqued? We thought so.

The New Bernina 5 Series are larger than normal sized machines with XX" x XX" XXcm x XXcm and weighing in at XXlbs XXkg
There is 8½" 22cm to the right of the needle and a 4.3" 11cm Touch Screen

Click here to download Bernina S-500 Brochure...

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