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Quilting Made Easy Patterns

Quilting Made Easy patterns help those new to quilting feel comfortable with quilting their own quilts using these tear away patterns. All the calculations and guesswork are done for you & provide perfect results every time. Experienced quilters also appreciate the ease of use and elimination of the step of marking a quilt before quilting.

There are 38 designs in varying widths and levels of difficulty.

We have labelled each pattern with a difficulty rating.

Level of Difficulty:
1=Easiest recommended for beginners
2=Requires free motion quilting, good for learning
3=Recommended for quilters with some experience and knowledge of free motion quilting

No need to chalk or mark your fabric. The adhesive strips along the edge help you position your pattern accurately and prevent shifting as you stitch. Stitch through the paper and once finished tear the paper away.

It could not be easier!

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