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Evelyns Homestead

Evelyn’s Homestead by Betsy Chutchian

Evelyn’s Homestead is based on the life of Evelyn Cameron 1868-1928. Evelyn was a well-to-do Englishwoman who came to Montana on her honeymoon with husband Ewen. Married in London in 1889, the couple sought an adventurous honeymoon in the wilds of Montana. They quickly fell in love with the fresh air, the game and the untamed wilderness. Instead of returning home, Evelyn purchased land and began ranching, importing polo ponies to breed and sell back in England. The venture was a disaster. Evelyn’s money ran out within a few years but by then, Evelyn was relishing all aspects of ranch life. To make ends meet, she took in English boarders. When one of them left behind a camera, Evelyn taught herself how to use it and traveled throughout the region photographing the people of Montana, especially the hardy women who could do everything. She was fascinated by the how-to’s of pioneer life. There wasn’t a chore on the ranch that Evelyn couldn’t do her self and she loved every minute.
(Reference: Montana Historical Society)

Evelyns Homestead by Betsy Chutchian

Moda Charm Squares Evelyns Homestead 42 Squares 5

Moda Charm Squares Evelyns Homestead 42 Squares 5"


Moda Layer Cake Evelyns Homestead 42 Squares 10

Moda Layer Cake Evelyns Homestead 42 Squares 10"


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