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So what is the best type of fabric to use for face Masks? Quilting cottons work well as they are 100% cotton, are tightly woven and are washable. We would recommend AGF Fabric and 200-thread-count muslins have a higher thread count so they are very well-suited for face masks - they are also very soft. AGF Fabrics are also OEKO-TEX certified which means they only use safe inks for your skin and the planet. We also sell Albstoffe Protect-Me Trevira© Bioactive Technical Fabric. Trevira-Bioactive contains fibres with silver ions firmly integrated within them, which have an antimicrobial effect and thus inhibit the growth of bacteria. This ensures the fabric remains permanently fresh after many washes and is odour free. Trevira-Bioactive is manufactured as a continuous microfilament with many tiny capillaries which gives good filter performance. The Fabric is stretchy, breathable and hard-wearing, making it a great fabric for use when making face masks.

Gauze, double-gauze and loosely woven fabrics are not recommended to be used.

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