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Marti Michell PP Template Set Q 2½" Basic

Marti Michell PP Template Set Q 2

Marti Michell
Perfect Patchwork Template
Set Q

Many popular patchwork designs require just a square, its compatible half-square triangle and companion quarter-square triangle. In the Perfect Patchwork Template System, we have many popular sizes of those three shapes: 1", 1½", 2", 3", 4" and more. The only common size square that was missing was a 2½" square ~ the perfect size for a basic template set and a how-to-use-templates booklet. The "template primer" booklet includes loads of blocks, tips for combining blocks and simple quilt designs. With just three pieces, we walk and sew quilters t hrough dozens of blocks, from 5" to 20".

The Set Q template set includes 7 pieces to make 2½" finished units for dozens of block designs.


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