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Marti Michell Pineapple Ruler 1¼" Strips

Marti Michell Pineapple Ruler 1

Pineapple quilts are among the most prized quilts owned and many people think they must be very difficult to make. Not any more! Cut accurate size pieces and sew an accurate ¼" seam and in no time you will have a beautiful Pineapple quilt. We provide the tools for accurately cutting the pieces, including seam allowances. 1¼" Strips are ideal for ded quilts and the larger bolder prints.

The Pineapple block is considered a variation of Log Cabin because it is made with strips and made starting with a centre square and working from the centre out, one strip at a time. The number of “rounds” of strips will determine the finished size of the blocks. There is no “cast in concrete” number of rounds that need to be added to the centre square to make it an “official? Pineapple block, but we consider 3 rounds to be the minimum.

Cut strips the appropriate width. Then use the Pineapple Ruler to cut the exact size and shape of the graduated pieces. Use the triangle template to cut the centre and corner trianlges. Sew the pieces together and press as you go. No paper to tear away! No squaring up after every set of strips is sewn! Very little waste. Perfect!


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