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La Pierre Studio Supreme Slider

Size: Original


Place the Supreme Slider on the bed of your machine with the needle centred in the pre-punched hole. The Teflon top allows your quilt to slide with no friction. The pink self-sticking bottom grips the machine but is easy to remove without residue.

The Larger Queen size slider is great for larger domestic machines and machines set into a sewing table such as the Horn Sewing Cabinets.

The newer and even larger King size is great for any machine that has a larger space especially 'sit down' models.

Pack of 1 Sheet (includes free motion patterns)

Sizes :

Original: 8" x 11"  20cm x 28cm

Queen: 11½" x 17"  29.5cm x 43mm

King: 16½" x 22" 4 2.5cm x 56.5cm

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