Do you want to see those quilts you have made quilted at last? One option is to have your quilts longarm quilted, but why not keep the creative journey for yourself?

Now you can and on a Bernina too!

Longarm Hire 
Before you can hire our Q series machines, you are required to complete a certification session. The session involves:

  • Learning the machine basics, loading or basting a quilt, threading.
  • Winding the bobbin.
  • Bringing up the bottom thread and stitch settings. 

Q20 or Q16
If you are an experienced free-motion quilter, very little support is required for the Q 20, bring a project and have fun. If you are not experienced with free motion quilting, the Q 24 on the frame might be a better place to start.

Free motion quilting is generally faster than using the Q-Matic (computer animation). First, it may be easier to learn the machine by doing a free motion pattern or straight-line stitching on your first project. If you do not finish your project in the allotted time, it can be taken off the frame and very easily reinstalled on your next visit.

If you can think of it, the QMatic can quilt it. There are hundreds of edge to edge patterns and block templates available, so with another certification session (an hour or so), you can be productive right away. There is Art & Stitch software loaded to learn to create your bespoke designs in the future. 

We have two frame Q24's and 2 Sit-down Q series machines, so we are available for small groups to come along for the day and enjoy a day together machine quilting.  

You will need to bring your completed top and backing ready prepared and purchase your batting and thread from Quilt Direct before booking to avoid delays on the day. Upon booking for your first hour (non-refundable), you have reserved the machine for the remainder of the day. (After the first two hours, your time will be prorated by the quarter-hour.) Payment for the balance of hours is due upon ending your time.

A member of the team will be present during the rental time to monitor the Q series machines.  

For more information please call us on 01822 810877.