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Moda Jungle Paradise

Size: Charm Square


Moda Jungle Paradise

By Stacy Iest Hsu

When Stacy Iest Hsu designed Jungle Paradise she wasn’t imagining eluding a pandemic. “But it really does feel like an escape,” she says of the line inspired by her honeymoon trip 17 years ago to Belize and Guatemala. “The colours make
me so happy!” She was thinking, however, about creating opportunities for kids to sew by themselves and with their moms, dads, grandparents, and others. And that turns out to be a good thing during a pandemic…or anytime.
“Learning to create something, through cooking or woodworking or sewing or playing music gets kids off screens, helps them implement the things they learn in school and is beneficial all around,” says Stacy.
Stacy’s interest in helping kids learn to sew is a thread that’s run through her more than 20 collections for Moda. Her designs are often inspired by the children’s books she loved reading to her three children, two of whom are now teenagers. “It was my favourite time of day,” says Stacy. “No one was fighting, everyone was peaceful, sometimes they’d be working on projects but they were still listening.”Designing fabric enables Stacy to tell and illustrate stories, as well as to give kids (and adults) the materials and skills to be creative.

Available in Pre Cut Packs:

42 5" Charm Squares

42 2½" Strip Jelly Rolls

40 10" Square Layer Cakes.

Please note that our designer ranges are limited, so we cannot repeat the range when sold out.

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