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Moda The Flower Farm

Size: Mini Charm Squares


The Flower Farm

By Bunny Hill Designs

If you've ever visited a flower farm, you know how exciting it is. With rows and rows of beautiful flowers for as far as one can see, it's a sight to enjoy. There's a smell in the air that the best perfumers can't duplicate and a feel to the earth that only comes from hard work and love. Inspired by my love of flowers, I've created a collection that
reminds me of a Flower Farm. It's a variety of floral prints mixed with dots, stripes, and a snail or two, all in my favourite colours. I'm excited to share The Flower Farm as there's nothing like fields of flowers to bring joy to our hearts. I can almost smell the flowers... join me as we make some happy quilts and fun little projects.

Available in Pre-Cut Packs:

42 2½" Mini Charm Squares

29 9" x 22" Fat Eighths

Please note that our designer ranges are limited, so we cannot repeat the range when sold out.

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