By Hollie Seam Allowance Guide

Sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones, and this seam allowance guide is a perfect example of that!

Most of us just want to get in with our sewing - we really could can do without the annoyance of adding in a seam allowance, but we know how important it is to get it right!

The fantastically simple little tool offers the perfect solution! just attach the magnet to the blade of your scissors, move the small black marker to the correct seam allowance and cut.

The Seam allowance guide includes a green and yellow guide.

Green Seam Allowance Guide - The green guide is used for scissors that have no slope on the outer edge of the blade. Also great for the tip or at the pivot of the scissors.

Yellow Seam Allowance Guide - Some scissors blades have a slight slope on the outer edge. This is usually about 3 degrees. If your scissor blade sloped then you will need the yellow guide. Rotate it until it's parallel to the table/fabric.

Where to Position the Seam Guide

This depends on your cutting style and also the pattern shape. For long straight cutting action is smaller, it is better to move the guide closer to the tip of the scissors. Ideally the guide should be attached where the two blades separate during the cutting motion.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Mark the seam allowance with chalk
  • Attach the guide to your scissors
  • Cut into the fabric at the chalk mark with you scissors
  • Move the black band to line up with the pattern edge .
  • Start cutting, ensuring that the black band remains parallel to the pattern edge at all times

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