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Bernina Foot 72S Ruler Foot



This foot allows you to sew along longarm quilting rulers to create decorative quilt designs such as lines, feathers, circles etc. You can use any commercial Plexiglass quilting template with a ¼" thickness. The height of the sole makes it possible to quilt along all the edges of these rulers, which is of utmost importance, especially with circles.

With this technique, the feed dogs are lowered, and the fabric and a Plexiglass template are guided manually, with the base of the foot resting against the ruler's edge. You can adjust the height of the foot to match the fabric thickness individually so that the fabric can be moved smoothly and without getting stuck.

Thanks to the slit in the NEW Adjustable Ruler Foot #72S, you can change a sewing foot without cutting the thread, allowing an easy transition from Rulerwork to other applications. The foot is compatible with Couching Inserts and Echo Quilting Clips.

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