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Martelli Round-About Turn Table - Base, Top & Cutting Mat 16" Diameter



The Round-About is a three-piece set featuring a base, cutting mat and ironing pad.

The 16" diameter cutting mat turntable base and ironing top combination give you an efficient, rotating, table-top solution for many essential quilting tasks, whether cutting, piecing, or pressing.

The Round-About allows you to use the entire mat as a cutting surface, whether splitting squares into triangles or squaring up blocks before assembly. Cut right up to the extreme outside edge with no tipping or awkward pieces to get in the way.

The cutting mat grid measurements are in ¼" increments and include both 45° and 60° angle lines.

The mat features a padded base layer with a self-healing cutting mat surface.

Set of 3 components: cutting mat, pressing pad & turntable base

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