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Mettler Gift Pack Silk Finish Quilting 40 wt 100% Cotton 8sp



Mettler Gift Pack Silk Finish Quilting 40wt 100% Cotton

Ready, set, go: With SILK-FINISH COTTON 40 you are buying the right sewing thread for your patchwork and quilting projects. Because the high-quality, somewhat thicker thread made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton is ideal for creating beautiful decorative seams and embroidery patterns. And because there can never be enough choice, our "SFCQ89136-Kit" includes 8 beautiful light and dark sewing threads. The set contains 8 spools in mainly red and blue shades, each with a length of 150m/164yds. The perfect colour spectrum for exciting projects.

Colours include - 0778, 0261, 0504, 1417, 0030, 0815, 0825, 1002


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