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Square In A Square Megan's Minature Pattern Book



Megans Minature Pattern Book

by Jodi Barrows

Megan's Miniature pattern book...this is the fourth pattern book from the Mailly Series each containing a novel, pattern book and fabric collection. Even if you don't read novels, you can still enjoy the unique patterns in this book.
This little book is power-packed with beautiful quilts using the new Trumpet Block. The Trumpet Block is our new Option 39 and this book teaches you the ins and outs of this new triangle unit. The Trumpet Block will become one of your new favorite units which can be used almost anywhere.
Do not let the unusual look of this block scare you away. Four trumpets are produced from each basic diamond unit making it easy to add to the corners of any block.

The Mini ruler has been designed to compliment this pattern book with the extra feature when working with Option 39 the Trumpet Block.

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