Vlieseline Medium Weight Woven Fusible Interlining 90cm G740

Colour: Ecru
Size: 1m


Mediumweight, slightly brushed cotton interlining for front parts of jackets, coats etc, as well as for small parts. Suitable for medium- to heavy-weight fabrics.
Keeps it's shape perfectly. In Quilting terms, it is also known as Flexi-Fuse & can be used for hand appliqué where a softer more natural look is desired. It creates soft but precise curves for circles, leaves, flowers or any other shape you wish to appliqué.

Directions for use;

  1. Like all interfacings made by Vilene, the interfacing is always cut in a lengthwise direction and thereby follows the grain of the fabric.
  2. Place the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric. Cover with a damp cloth and press each area for about 12 seconds, without moving the iron.
  3. Iron setting: Cotton
  4. Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 30 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

Sold by Meter 90cm wide


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