We love the wide stitches that our machines give us; beautiful alphabets and sideways stitches but when we want to have a perfect straight stitch we could end up wishing for Grandma's old treadle! This is a common dilemma with 9mm machines but it affects all zig zag machines, it is always easy to correct, when you know how!

If you are straight stitching and using very fine fabric, change to a straight stitch needleplate, (and foot) it makes a huge difference to stitch quality as well as preventing the machine gobbling your fabric.

There is an horizontal line on your needleplate showing you where to place the fabric to prevent fabric collapse, it is just behind the needle.

If you are dressmaking we recommend 5.5mm feet and a 5.5mm needleplate when you are doing anything other than a straight stitch.

When you are patchwork piecing, topstitching, quilting or free motion quilting, we recommend a straight stitch needleplate as well as a ¼" patchwork foot.

For safety, remember to use the security settings if available on your model.