Bernina Q20 Longarm Quilting Machine

The BERNINA Q20 longarm quilting machine comes as standard as a sit-down model with the choice of three table or a stand up frame.

These table options are designed elegantly to handle the speed and weight of the Q20 for optimal performance and style.

The Q20 Table Options

The Koala

Classic lines combined with functionality expandable work space with discreet storage.

Table size basic: 0.91m x 1.15m (approximately 36" x 45")

Table size expanded : 0.91m x 1.96m (approximately 36" x 77")

Working height: 0.75m (approximately 30")

Total weight incl. Q 20: 120 kg (265 lbs)

Generous storage space 

Colour: White, Oak

Upgradable to frame 



The RMF - European designed for functionality and style.

Table size: 0.90m x 1.6m (approximately 36" x 63")

Variable working height: 0.82m - 1.28m (approximately 32" - 50")

Total weight incl. Q 20: 125 kg (275 lbs)

Colour: White 

Generous storage space with 2 generous storage draws  as well as extended workspace around you.

Upgradable to frame



The Foldable Table - for optimal performance and style

Table size: 0.91m x 1.15m (approximately 36" x 45")

Manage larger quilts with full comfort 

Handle speed & weight of the Q 20  with ease 

Perfect for limited space & easily stored away 

Bernina Q20 Longarm Quilting Machine Features 

  • Easy hand-guided quilting – The integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator ensures perfect stitches at equal-length no matter which speed you move the fabric. A manual mode with no stitch regulation is also available.
  • Unique user interface – Includes five user profiles, a stitch counter, built-in tutorials.
  • Quilting without foot control -The KickStart function allows continuous quilting without the foot control. Easily activated or deactivated via touch screen.
  • Fast threading and winding – Easy to reach spool holders and forward threading path. Convenient on-board bobbin winder.
  • Unique thread tension control – Exclusive tension system with numeric tension settings for easy use of a wide range of thread types.
  • High-speed precision stitching – Up to 2.200 stitches per minute, enabling you to fly through projects.
  • Front Operating – The handwheel in the front allows for easy manual needle positioning.
  • Excellent Lighting – 50 bright LED lights along the throat space of the machine and above the needle illuminate the quilt for enhanced visibility.

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