Buttoned Headbands for Facemasks

How to make your own headband for PPE or homemade masks.

As several of my friends work in the care sector, I am aware that it is very uncomfortable wearing a face mask for long periods of time, so I decided to make some comfortable, buttoned, headbands to improve their days/nights. I wanted to use products which were easily available to me, in fabrics which suited their wearers. This design works well with fabrics from our stash of cottons. While they are quick and easy to make, I have had great feedback from everyone I’ve gifted them to.


You will need:

  •  1 piece of fabric – 5”- 6” x 14” (13cm-15cm x 36cm)
  •  1 piece of fabric – 2¾” x 11” (7cm x 28cm)
  •  1 elastic 1” x 7” (2.5cm x 18cm)
  •  2 large buttons


Fold each piece of fabric face to face, length ways and create a tube by sewing a ¼” seam on the long edge.

Lay tube flat and press. Turn both tubes the right sides out way and press.

Feed elastic through smaller tube and stitch securely at each end.

Lay tubes face to face, wrap ends of larger tube around smaller tube and stitch securely into place. Repeat at other end.

Turn in correct way and attach buttons close to the fabrics joins.

Ta Da!