Quilting not Cutting

The AccuQuilt GO and Go Baby can change your quilting life forever!

A bold and dramatic claim but pretty valid. Using an AccuQuilt fabric cutter can cut (cut – get it?) over 45 minutes off your quilting time. This means heaps more time for the exciting stuff – choosing fabric, planning the project, choosing fabric, discussing the project, and choosing fabric!

The smoother rolling action of the Accuquilt will especially benefit those quilters that have a hard time with manual methods due to sore joints or muscles.

But don’t take our word for it – have a look at some of the projects completed by Val Wass, a quilter who recently bought an Accuquilt Go from us.

“What a wonderful machine this is. I have immediately noticed that shapes are cut SO accurately, making piecing so much easier, accurate and quicker. I struggled to get accurate cuts with a ruler and rotary cutter. I no longer suffer with back ache and it is so so much quicker.”“I made my first appliqué cushion using the Sunbonnet Sue die. It cut the shapes so cleanly and gave me confidence to machine the appliqué in place.”

Keep it up Val, we’re inspired by you