Thread Director

Have you had a problem with metallic and specialty threads breaking? After years of frustration and stress using metallic and specialty thread in her projects. Lee Fletcher decided that she was going to so something about it!

She invented the thread director! Did you know that thread should unwind of the spool the same way it was wound on? The Thread Director solves the problem of twisting and breakage while making it easy and fun to work with specialty threads. Like most great inventions, the Thread Director was born out of necessity, and you wonder how to ever managed without it!

The Thread Director changes the position of the spool allowing the thread to unwind flat, eliminating twisting, which causes the thread to break. Now you can easily use metallic and specialty threads, giving your projects some extra sparkle!

The Thread Director works on most sewing machines and overlockers, and can be used with almost any thread, and will hold spool of up to 1000m.

Want to know more? Watch this video explaining how to use Thread Director.