Metallic threads have a bad reputation which is not fair. With some simple set up tips, quality metallic thread can be fun and provide beautiful results.

Always ensure that you run the thread from the spool as intended by the manufacturer. Stacked wound thread need to come off the spool sideways and cross wound off the top. Most breakages happen when the thread catches on the end of the spool or is caught under the base of a cone, a thread net (set up correctly) will help resolve this. If you have a stacked thread and no vertical spool pin we highly recommend a Thread Director.

Partner the metallic thread with a reliable, cotton or polyester (in the bobbin).

Use a metallic needle (which has a smoother and larger eye) or a topstitch needle. Lower the top tension until you have a good stitch, I rarely drop the tension past 3 on my Berninas.

If you are struggling with breakages the judicious use of Sewers Aid (silicon) can help the thread travel through the machine more easily.