Accents in Design Fine Line Quilter's Straight Rulers

Title: 12" (30cm)


¼" Rulers designed for all types of quilters with all types of home sewing machines. The difference with these rulers are the finger grips that help ease tension by using the placement of your fingers on the rule, resistance strip which is the "hook" side of the Velcro.

Using an industrial Velcro strip keeps consistency with different battings used in quilting, from low loft to high loft. The tooth bed on the industrial Velcro is deeper, thus keeping you in control on any thickness of quilt sandwich.

No need to raise you feed dogs and put on your walking foot to do straight line quilting! Outline a block, stitch in the ditch or outline patterns and then continue free motion with out changing your foot or having to cut your thread. All this and not have to turn your quilt!

We recomend:

  • 6" Perfect for Domestic Home Machines with a harp of less than 9" Great starter ruler!
  • 8" Perfect for Home Machines with a harp of more than 9" plus mid and long arm machines
  • 12" Great ruler for all mid and long arm machines.

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