Accuquilt is a fabric die cutting system designed to make cutting piecing and appliqué shapes easier, accurate and more enjoyable by providing a safe and efficient way to cut perfect pieces, every time. Cutting with an Accuquilt cutter has been proven to save you 90% of your cutting time, allowing you more time to sew.

Just like rotary cutting, you need three components (plus fabric) to cut shapes.
A fabric cutter (which works similarly to an old fashioned laundry mangle or pasta maker), a cutting die and a mat. Each die has very sharp steel blades that form the shape to be cut; the sharp edges are surrounded by foam so that you can run your hand over the die and not be hurt.
To use the die, lay your fabric covering the blades foam side up, then lay a mat on top of the fabric and pass through the rollers on the cutter.
The pressure created by the rollers causes the blade to push against the mat, cutting your fabric between them.

Saves time
Provides more accurate shapes
Lowers risk of injury
Reduces fabric waste

We stock the three Accuquilt cutters:

The GO! Me is the smallest and lightest cutting, weighing in at approximately 8½lbs (3.9kg) and works with dies that are up to 6" wide. The smaller size still makes it compatible with over 200 of the GO! dies.

The original GO! works with dies that are up to 10"wide, meaning it works with almost all GO! dies while still being easy to transport. This cutter weighs in at 15lbs (6.8kg).

The GO! Big is our automatic, electric fabric cutter that completely eliminates the need for any hand crank and guards against physical strain. It has a 14" cutting width so not only is it the largest cutter and works with 100% of our GO! dies, it can also cut two 5" or 6" wide dies at a time.

Firstly you will need to choose the cutter you require:

What types of projects are you creating? Appliqué? Piecing?
How often are you sewing/quilting?
Where do you work?
Do you have restricted wrist mobility or grip ?
Do you need your fabric cutter to be easy to lift and move?

Each cutter has at least one die & mat to get you started. This is different with each cutter, so whichever cutter you purchase you will have your first project to hand.

Investment in at least one strip cutter & mat is our recommendation as well as a Qube Mix & Match Set if you are a piecer. The Ultimate Cutting Set is excellent value, it has the 8" Mix & Match Qube included as well as a 2½" Strip cutter.

With 16 strip dies in the range there is always a size for your project. All strip dies have angled guidelines screen-printed on the foam so you can 'sub-cut' to make squares and diamonds with the same strip die.

Our most popular die cuts 2½” fabric strips, and it’s one every GO! owner should have. This die will allow you to cut perfect binding for a queen size quilt in just one pass! how’s that for time saving?

Yes, all our cutters are warranted for one year. If you experience a manufacturing defect within one year after purchase, we will repair or replace the cutter at no charge. Improper use, excessive wear and tear caused by commercial use and/or damage caused by the user will void the warranty.

Our Accuquilt dies are all guaranteed for one year also, we may deny warranty coverage if the product is damaged from using an unauthorised part.

Cutting Mats are consumable items and will need to be replaced as they become worn with use.


All the Accuquilt cutters can take up to 6 layers of quilting cotton fabric in one pass*.
If there is a layer of fusible on the back for appliqué reduce the number of layers to no more than 4.

Heavier fabrics will take less layers in a pass, we recommend only 1 layer for fabrics like denim or leather.

*Here at Quilt Direct we tend to do less layers as it is easier to rotate the handle on our GO!

Not always, we recommend smaller mats such as the 6" x 6" when cutting individual sections on dies with multiple shapes. A die will only cut when there is a mat over the blade as it passes through your cutter. e.g. On the Alphabet dies, just cover over the letters you need, this saves fabric and wear on your mat.

However we do not recommend you use larger mats on smaller dies as it may mean your fabric shifts as the dies goes through the rollers.

Always place the fabric on the lengthways grain. Ensure that you clean the die out regularly with a die pick & tweezers removing any fibres caught in the foam.

Replace any mats that are well worn.

Always check the quality of your fabric. Quality fabrics will be opaque when you hold them up to the light, they will also have a soft handle.

Cut your fabric on the lengthwise grain, (along the selvedge edge), so there is no stretch in the fabric.

Align the fabric with the edge of the die shape not the die. This also saves fabric.

Accuquilt cutting mats should last for hundreds of cuts! Make sure you flip, shift & rotate your mat on the die each time you cut. Using several mats on different dies can also help prolong the life of a mat.

If you start to find inconsistent cuts despite the above it is time for a new mat.

The GO! Qube Mix & Match block system is a great way to get started. Each Qube features eight different shapes that will work together to make over 72 different quilt blocks. Qubes come in six different finished block sizes; 4", 6", 8", 9" 10" and 12".
The eight shapes are the same in each Qube, just in different sizes, so every GO! Qube quilt pattern can be made with any GO! Qube block size.

The possibilities are endless! When you're ready, you can increase your creativity by adding shapes found in the corresponding size GO! Qube
Companion Set-Corners or GO! Qube Companion Set-Angles. You can download the pattern book, which shows you 216 blocks possible. Click Here

BOB stands for Block on board. These dies are a whole block on one die. So all the shapes needed to create a block on one board.

This is a simple and convenient way to make up some of our most iconic quilts... Hunter's Star, Double Wedding Ring & Morning Star are some of the blocks available.

Accuquilt have compiled a list of all their piecing dies to create a Cutting Equivalents Chart so you can find the right dies for your project. Click Here

Storage, Maintenance & Organisation

Yes, you can download a pdf compatibility chart. You could also use this as a wish list or check list of dies you own. Click Here

There are over 200 dies that work with the the GO! Baby and GO! Me. The easiest way is to select your 'Cutter Model' in the filter on the Applique Dies or the Piecing Dies page.

We recommend that your dies are stored on their sides. We use the wire racks and the Die Storage Boxes.
Dies should not be stacked flat as this can damage the blades of the lower dies because of the pressure from the dies stacked above.

Regular maintenance of your dies will prolong their life and ensure clean cuts for many years. Regularly remove stray threads and lint that have caught in the foam around the blades of your die; use the Accuquilt die pick & fine tweezers. Run a lint brush over the surface of the foam to collect the stray threads. The more often you clean the die, the easier it is to keep it cutting perfectly.
Always store your dies sideways; we use the wire storage racks or the Die Storage Boxes.

Your Accuquilt cutter is a sturdy workhorse but sometimes 'things' happen! If your cutter is under warranty (less than 12 months old), please contact us directly.
For older cutters, we stock the handle repair kits for the GO! cutter. There is a video to help you fit the new one. Click Here.

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