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Accuquilt GO! Qube 45° Parallelogram 10"x10" Board Dies

Title: 3" x 4¼" Finished from GO! Qube Mix & Match 12" Block.


Introduce parallelograms into your quilting design for a simple shape with a fun twist. Experiment with this basic building block by using the GO! 45° Parallelogram dies. Don't worry about figuring out the math or having to carefully measure each piece, this die makes it easy.

Why Quilters Love GO! Parallelogram Die:

* The GO! Parallelogram die is the perfect size to cut your own parallelograms with your favourite fabrics or out of fabric pieces from your stash.
* GO! Parallelogram dies includes ¼" seam allowances for easy alignment and piecing.
* Cut parallelograms out of a variety of fabrics: cotton, batiks, wool, felt, flannel, fleece, Cuddle® fabrics and more!
* A great way to use up scraps.

These dies are available individually here and are also sold as parts of GO! Qube Block sets.

Requires Cutting Mat 10" x 10"  55111

This die is suitable for cutters GO! & GO! Big

Available in 2 different sizes.

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