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Accuquilt GO! Qube 45° Trapezoid 10" x 10" Board Dies

Title: 5" Finished Square from GO! Qube 10" Companion Set-Angles


Explore new shapes to give your quilting projects an edge. The GO! Trapezoid 45° die will expand your collection of AccuQuilt dies.
Get excited about making bold borders, visually striking geometric shapes and introducing the three-dimensional effect trapezoids bring to your quilting projects.
These dies take all the guesswork out of cutting perfect trapezoid shapes on a 45° angle. There's no math and no rulers that can slip.

These Trapezoid 45° dies are available individually here and are also sold as parts of the GO! Qube Block sets - Companion Set-Angles.

Requires Cutting Mat 10" x 10"  55111

This die is suitable for all cutters, GO! Baby, GO! Me, GO! & GO! Big

Available in 2 different sizes.

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