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Aurifil Tula Pink Neons & Neutrals (3 Large Spools)



Designer: Tula Pink
Title: Neons & Neutrals

When I began designing this collection, I searched for something new to say about colour that would still live in my world. The only realm of colour I have never touched is the world of neutrals, those subtle colours that create the perfect backdrop to the vibrant colour I am already so fond of. Soft, earthy colours alone wouldn't stand up to my standard colours, so I decided to pair their whisper with the loudest scream of colour I could create on cloth – neons." The coordinating collection features a stunning range of hues in Aurifil's versatile 50wt thread, including three custom NEON colours

Colours Included: 7002 (Neon Pink), 7000 (Neon Orange), 7001 (Neon Yellow)

3 Large Spools 50wt 1300m (1422yds)

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