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Designs in Machine Embroidery Monster Snap Hoop Jumbo



Snap Hoop Monster from DIME is the perfect complement to any of our quilting products! They allow you to quickly re-hoop without ever leaving your embroidery machine.

The Snap Hoop for heavy-duty projects that need a monster grip!

Experience the effortless one-step method to hoop and align quilts or heavyweight fabrics. The secret of this magnetic hoop is in the patented design. And now you can have the Snap Hoop Monster - 4x's stronger to handle heavier fabrics! It's perfect for
* Quilts
* Terrycloth
* Bulky fleece
* Heavy fabrics
* Continuous embroidery
* Allover embroidery

Designed for Ease
Snap Hoop Monster comes with a flat magnetic top and metal bottom frame. The bottom frame includes a machine attachment that is recognized by the embroidery machine. Lay the stabilizer and fabric over the bottom frame and snap the top frame in place. Voila! Even a quilt or the heaviest of fabric is secured.

You can only use a Jumbo hoop with 7 & 8 series machines.

(max. embroidery area 400mm x 260mm.)

Please note that the maximum embroidery area on the 7 series models is limited to 400mm x 210mm.

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