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Emmaline The Luxie-Lunch Bag Pattern



This versatile project features a wire frame that helps hold the top open wide for easy access. Is it a handbag or a lunch bag? You decide! Carry your lunch, make-up, overnight items, or the entire contents of your handbag in luxury.

Customize the zipped bag to suit your needs by choosing from 2 handle styles and adding the optional outside zipper pocket.

For a lunch bag, I recommend pre-washing your fabrics and using cotton for the lining so you can wash and reuse the bag as often as you need to. The frames are removable for washing! The foil-backed thermal fleece/batting will help keep your food chilled. Suppose you would rather have a wipe-clean lining in a lunch bag. In that case, you could substitute the cotton lining I have recommended with laminated cotton, PUL, diaper liner, or nylon jacketing and use food-safe containers. You could substitute a wipe-clean thermal foil-backed batting such as Insul-Shine for your lining.

This pattern requires: 1 Set (Pair) Internal Wire Frame, Style B (10” x 3½”)

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