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Fabric Cafe The Thrill Of Chenille^

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For quilts with an irresistible feel, discover The Thrill of Chenille. With the popularity of surface embellishment and texture in quiltmaking, a renewed interest in old-fashioned chenille has emerged. The laborious process of creating tufted fabric is a task of the past. Through new methods and products, your own chenille masterpiece can be created in a fraction of the time. By using tried-and-true piecing techniques for the basic design, ten quilt and home decor projects are accentuated with this fun and fluffy adornment. Quilts, wall hangings, and table runners include a variety of design styles and color combinations, showcasing the incredible versatility of this technique. Each design, both traditional and playful, is enhanced by the clever configuration of soft strips of chenille. Experience a new dimension in quilting with the help of this inventive fiber artist. Making chenille the super-easy way is the forte of Fabric Cafe. Not only is the finished product a thrill, making the chenille strips is a tangible delight. You'll love the simplicity and nostalgic charm of every project.

Language: English
Paperback: 79 pages
Auther: Fran Morgan

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