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Moda Bluebell

Size: Charm Square



By Janet Clare

I had a lovely day learning how to make cyanotypes with Dr Cathy Corbishley Michel and
am now obsessed with the magical process of saving the shadows cast by flowers and leaves.

Firstly, you gather your flowers, then lay them onto the prepared cloth and wait whilst the sun shines down on them. It’s only when the cloth is washed that the ethereal Prussian blue images start to develop right before your eyes. It’s a beguiling process!

Bluebell features my floral cyanotypes in every shade of blue with gentle greens layered with a subtle lace texture, a musical score and a flowing vintage calligraphy script. Bluebell and the quilts I make with it will forever remind me of those warm days playing in my garden with the sunshine and flowers

Available in Pre Cut Packs:

42 5" Charm Squares

40 2½" Strip Jelly Rolls

42 10" Square Layer Cakes.

42 2½" Mini Charm Squares

Please note that our designer ranges are limited, so we cannot repeat the range when sold out.

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