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Moda Cottage Linen Closet Pre-Cuts

Size: Jelly Roll


Cottage Linen Closet

by Brenda Riddle

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the look and feel of old quilts and well-washed floral sheets. Hours spent drying on a clothesline in the fresh air and warm sun, the colors are soft, muted shades of green, fresh sky blue, pebble grey and linen white. They filled the upper shelves of my mother’s linen closet. I invite you to join me in surrounding yourself with the calming colors and inviting vintage-inspired prints of a Cottage Linen Closet.

Available in Pre Cut Packs:

40 2½" Strip Jelly Rolls

42 10" Square Layer Cakes.


Please note that our designer ranges are limited, so we cannot repeat the range when sold out.

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