Bernette 05 Accessories

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Bernina Tweezers  4" 10.5cm Pack of 1Bernina Tweezers  4" 10.5cm Pack of 1
Bernina  Oil  (no10) For CB Models TubeBernina  Oil  (no10) For CB Models Tube
Double-headed Lint Brush
Bernette Invisible Zip Foot B05Bernette Invisible Zip Foot B05
Single-headed Lint Brush
Bernette Bobbins B05 Pack of 5
Bernette Sewing Machine Trolley Bag
Micro Vacuum Attatchments
Bernette Darning Foot B05Bernette Darning Foot B05
Bernette Hemmer footBernette Hemmer Foot B05
Bernette Edgestitch FootBernette Edgestitch Foot B05
Bernette Button Sew On Foot B05Bernette Button Sew On Foot B05
Bernette Overlock Foot B05Bernette Overlock Foot B05
Bernette Blindstitch Foot B05Bernette Blindstitch Foot B05
Bernette Zipper Foot B05Bernette Zipper Foot B05
Bernette Buttonhole Foot with Slide B05Bernette Buttonhole Foot with Slide B05
Bernette 5mm Zigzag Foot B05Bernette 5mm Zigzag Foot B05

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