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Moda Date Night

Size: Charm Square


Moda Date Night

By Basic Grey

Grab your Stilettos and your Little Black Dress, it is time for a Date Night!
Date Night has all the beautiful neutrals you’ve come to love from the Little Black Dress lineup.  Warm sophisticated blacks fade into sumptuous creams, while luxurious caramels tantalise the pallet. A bouquet of dynamic florals greets you at the door, a perfect start to the evening. Delicate leafy tendrils weave into lovely polka-dotted fishnets as you sit down for a meal for two.  Stunningly intricate lace and the sweetest X’s create the perfect piano music that fills the air.  After dinner, the bold graphic typography moves you to a heart throbbing tango. As the night comes to an end, an all-new assortment of quilt designs invites you to walk the quiet streets
as you make your way home to bed.  We hope you have as much joy sewing with our
new collection as you did on your first Date Night.

Available in Pre Cut Packs:

42 5" Charm Squares

40 2½" Strip Jelly Rolls

Please note that our designer ranges are limited, so we cannot repeat the range when sold out.

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