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Moda Poinsettia Plaza

Size: Charm Square


Poinsettia Plaza

By 3 Sisters

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. In the air, there’s a feeling of Christmas. With their signature flair, the 3 Sisters have coloured the prints in this collection with a palette that is traditional, and bold. With shades of ivory, parchment, soft green, vibrant red and black, Poinsettia Plaza mixes their favorite paisley with snowflakes, tiny berries and swirling vines and tendrils. Poinsettia Plaza recalls a village square at Christmas. Abundantly filled with the bright red blooms that have come to symbolize the season, these tropical flowers symbolize good cheer and success, and are believed to bring wishes of good fortune, mirth and celebration. .

Available in Pre Cut Packs:

42 5" Charm Squares

40 2½" Strip Jelly Rolls

42 10" Square Layer Cakes.

42 2½" Mini Charm Squares

Please note that our designer ranges are limited, so we cannot repeat the range when sold out.

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