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Organ Titanium Embroidery Sharp Point Needles

Size: 80/12


Organ Embroidery Needles are slightly different in profile from the Schmetz or Bernina needles we recommend for our Bernina Machines.  

The eye of the embroidery needle is one size larger than the shaft size. For example, a size 80/12 needle has an eye that is the size of a 90/14 needle.  This small shaft keeps the needle hole small in the fabric, but the larger eye accommodates the larger size of the embroidery thread and keeps your thread from shredding.

BERNINA recommends these needles for machine embroidery because they have been proven to do the best job for embroidery.  The ballpoint tip of the needle pushes the thread to the side with each stitch instead of piercing it. They (and Quilt Direct) ask that you switch back to the regular 130/705  for “regular” sewing or when you are using the decorative stitches on your machine.

Titanium Needles have a coating that strengthens the shaft and tip of the needle; the same coating reduces friction as the needle moves up and down at speed.  Although Titanium Needles are more costly, they will last an average of 5 times longer than regular needles.  The Titanium Needles are ideal when embroidering on denim, twill, or other heavy fabrics because their strength helps penetrate the fibres easily without bending the needle.

Pack of 10 

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