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Prym Love Press Fasteners Starter Set 8mm



This practical, lockable flower box made from high-quality plastic, ideal for storage, contains 60 non-sew 'jersey' snap fasteners in 6 different colours. In coordinated colours, the Prym Love non-sew snap fasteners are especially suitable for thinner, stretch fabrics, such as babies or children's clothing. The non-sew snap fasteners can be attached with the Vario pliers, tripod or folding tool - there is no need to make holes in the fabric beforehand. Step-by-step instructions on the reverse of the pack make 'child's play' of working with these snap fasteners.

You will need to use the Vario Pliers, tripod Stool or folding tool to work with these Fasteners.
Pack of 60 assorted Snaps & adaptors for Vario Pliers. 

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