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Quilt Fuse 2" Layout Grid



Cut the time and effort involved in pieced designs like watercolour, Bargello, photography quilts and more, while adding stability and uniformity to your block sewing with HTC Quilt-Fuse. Fusible on one side with a 2"preprinted layout grid, Quilt-Fuse is designed for simplifying techniques that rely on careful placement of fabric squares to create artistic visual effects. 

Simply cut the translucent white material to the size of the finished project with a 6" margin on all sides. Layout your design on the light-grey grid on the fusible side, using 1"-4" fabric squares. The brushed surface holds the squares in place until you’re ready to fuse and then stitch them, using the grid as a guide. 

Quilt-Fuse reduces the need for pinning and makes sewing faster and more accurate when working with many small blocks and long seams. 

48" wide x 1 yd

If you wish to purchase additional yardage this will arrive in one continuous piece.

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