Looking for an excuse to start a new project?
How about Valentine's Day?!

We know that none of us REALLY need an excuse for starting something new... just don't ask when we're finishing them!

But if you're looking for inspiration for what to make next, there's lots of LOVE-ly projects for making Valentine's Day gifts and home decor.


Is Valentine's Day not your sort of thing?

See Jo's blog post for proof that you don't have to be a fan of pink and hearts to have fun making a Valentine's project!

Embroidery designs

For the Valentine's Post Box, Jo used a design by OESD (there's a link to it in her blog). They're our favourite people for embroidery designs - they have everything from simple appliqué to freestanding lace, and everything in between!

That American-style mailbox is just one of their many Valentine's-themed designs - click here to see them all on the OESD website.

Gather your materials

To help you find the perfect fabric for your project, we've created a Valentine's Fabric collection 😍 It includes the pre-cut collections that have a lot of designs in pink and red, but we couldn't resist adding the Moda Designer Collections called Boudoir and Date Night, too!

If you're looking for solid colours, the Moda Grunge range has many shades of red and pink, and for something luxurious our Santiago Imitation Leather is available in Light Pink and Matt Red Pearl.

Need new thread?

There's a wide range of suitable shades from all our thread brands, but don't forget that all spools of Robison Anton are 'buy 5, get 5 free' across the whole range in our clearance offer.


Creating your own designs?

Here's some heart-shaped help, from first cutting out to final display.

Heart-shaped fabric cutting dies and templates

We have several different styles of heart-shaped dies for the AccuQuilt fabric cutting system, and one for the Crafter's Edge fabric cutting system. Or if you prefer something different, how about this LOVE-ly die?

Crafter's Edge dies are 'buy one, get one free' in our clearance sale, and you can use them with an AccuQuilt fabric cutter.

If you'd rather use a rotary cutter, we also have a set of heart-shaped templates from 1" to 3".


Heart-shaped templates for machine ruler quilting

Templates are invaluable in helping quilters to stitch accurate repeatable designs, and are available in almost any shape you can imagine.

As the UK exclusive retailer for Quilter's Rule products, we have many templates in stock including a wide range of heart shapes. We also stock heart-shaped quilting templates by Amanda Murphy.

It's important to use the right template for your machine's ruler foot. If you're not sure which you need, call our team for advice.


Heart-shaped embroidery and appliqué stencils

Stencils are a popular guide for quilting, and can be used in a wide range of projects and embroidery techniques. We have many designs available, including heart shapes, of course!

For even more highly decorative embroidery, we recommend this set of six Sarah Vedeler designs.


Quilt hangers topped with a heart design

Once you've created a quilt, how do you display it?

These hangers are available in a wide range of styles, from 4" to 22" wide. As well as the heart-shaped designs, there's many others including seasonal motifs for quilters who change their hangings at Christmas-time.



Gifts and treats for sewing friends - and yourself!

If you're looking for a Valentine's gift for someone (or even for yourself!), our range of Prym Love products are perfect - it's right there in the name! The magnetic pin cushion ticks many boxes, being pink and heart-shaped, but also practical and specifically for sewists.

Stepping away from sewing for a second (I know, how dare we?!) this cute cookie cutter set cuts four shapes, all perfectly notched to sit on the edge of a milkshake glass or coffee cup. Just something a little different, to brighten up a tea break - no special occasion needed!

If you'd like help finding the perfect products for your next project (whether or not it's Valentine's-themed), please call our friendly team of experts for advice and ideas on 01822 810877.