Understanding Quilting Thread

Quilting threads come in a bewildering array of brands and weights, and understanding them can make a big difference to your quilting projects.

We’ve found this great video from Heather Thomas that gives you an insight into the types of thread and the weights

The important things to remember are the different types – cotton, polyester, silk; with silk being the strongest.

Weight and ply denote the thickness and strength of the thread – the higher the number of the weight, the thinner the thread, and the more ply, the stronger the thread. So a 40/3 will be a 40 weight, 3 ply thread. Experimenting with a variety of threads helps you become familiar with the different threads, and can make a huge difference to your quilting projects.

Quilt Direct believe that quality threads are an investment that should not be overlooked, and we only offer quality threads that we use ourselves in our own work.

If you need further information or advice on quilting thread, please drop us an email or give us a call.